Starting a bullet journal is a great decision that can impact your life completely. And if done right, it can help you improve your productivity and focus on your purpose. One of the most important decisions is the selection of bullet journal itself. In this article we will help you decide what is the best bullet journal for you and help you start this amazing journey of bullet journaling.

What Is A Bullet Journal?

If you do not know what is exactly a bullet journal, check the blog post What Is A Bullet Journal. Where we show in a simple way what is the definition of a bullet journal.

What Are the Different Types of Bullet Journals?

Best Bullet Journal

When speaking about the types of the journal itself, you can go for lined, grid, dotted or plain paper journals. And it all comes to the personal preference. I personally prefer the plain paper journal as it gives more neat look to the pages. The advantage of dotted paper journals is that dots provide a sort of guiding marks to organize your layout.

What is The Best Bullet Journal to Use?

Deciding on a bullet journal type is completely personal preference. Each type has its pros and cons based on the way you journal and the goals you are looking for from journaling.

But there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Like the paper thickness. Most of the journals come in 80 grams per square meter paper, which provides good quality paper for journaling. But if you are going to have lots of ink drawings in your journal, you should go for a thicker paper, list the 165 grams per square meter, which is double the thickness of the former one, but usually those journals come in half the number of pages.

Also you should consider the size of the journal, most common size is the A5 (21cm x 14.8cm), but again there are other sizes that are larger or smaller, so you can decide based on the area you need to have in your journal pages.

So the bottom line is that you only can decide what is the best bullet journal for you, because it all depends on your preferences and needs, and my best bullet journal is not necessarily your best bullet journal.

Adding Technology to Your Journal

Paper journaling has withstood the digital revolution, and there are many journaling application out there, but many people still prefer to use the paper journal. Yet, there are times where paper journals have their limitations. Imagine going on a trip and taking so many photos, and you want to include those in your journal. It will be so challenging, and it can mess up your precious tidy journal. Also if you have a video of a party you attended, and you are writing in your journal about that party, it is impossible to do that.

Best Bullet Journal

Revo Journal helps to bridge this gap, and provide a solution to overcome those limitations. It uses QR-Code technology to link items from the digital world to the pages of your paper journal. It comes with a free mobile app, so you can use the app to scan the code at the bottom of any page in the journal and attach items from your mobile to that page. And then when you are going through your journal later on, all you have to do it to scan the code at the bottom of the page and you will be able to see all the items you attached.

To know more about Revo Journal, check out the article “Revo Journal: the World’s First Connected Paper Journal” on medium, or navigate the Revo Journal website.

Best Bullet Journal

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