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Revo Journal Kickstarter Campaign

Revo Journal Campaign is Now Live on Kickstarter

by Journal Revo • April 15, 2018

After hours of planning, product and app development, and thorough prototype testing, the time has come for Revo Journal to seek the support of the journaling community – as well as that of anyone with a keen interest in projects that set out to transform everyday items into their respective digital prototypes. As such, we […]

Bullet Journal Quotes

Bullet Journal Quotes: 11 Quotes to Motivate to Write in A Journal

by Journal Revo • April 6, 2018

Everyone knows the magical effect of inspirational quotes on our everyday life. They give us motivation and get us fired up to do things with enthusiasm. Here we have a collection of bullet journal quotes to give motivation to write in your journal. Bullet Journal Quotes 1- “Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter. […]

Plan With Me April

Plan With Me April Monthly Setup by AmandaRachLee

by Journal Revo • April 3, 2018

The amazing series by AmandaRachLee comes back again with this month’s episode of Plan With Me April Monthly Setup. This month Amanda is using a very dreamy and cloudy theme for Aprils journal spreads. Plan With Me April Monthly Setup You can check out Amanda’s channel on youtube for more amazing videos. Every month we pick […]

BUJO the Original Story of Bullet Journal

BUJO – The Original Story of Bullet Journal

by Journal Revo • March 25, 2018

Bullet journal is an analog system for the digital age. it lives at the intersection between mindfulness and productivity. A system that adapts to your life every single day. And today we share with you the trailer of BUJO, a short documentary about the original story of bullet journal. And how this system was created. The […]

Plan With Me April 2018

Plan With Me April 2018: Setup your Bullet Journal for April

by Journal Revo • March 25, 2018

We found this inspiring video “Plan With Me April 2018” by ChristineMyLinh where she uses the cherry blossom as the theme for the month of April. Setting up the monthly layout of the bullet journal is a really creative process. Hence, every month we pick some videos that can help you prepare your own bullet […]

Plan With Me - March Bullet Journal

Plan With Me – Prepare Your Bullet Journal for March

by Journal Revo • March 5, 2018

Today we are sharing this nice video from AmandaRachLee’s youtube channel, and from her famous series of Plan With Me. In this video she is demonstrating her bullet journal setup for the month of March. Plan With Me – Prepare Your Bullet Journal for March Enough reading, and we’ll leave you to enjoy the video. […]

Bullet Journal Doodle

Bullet Journal Doodle: Valentine’s Day Edition

by Journal Revo • February 13, 2018

Our pick for you today is from Caitlin’s Corner channel on YouTube from the nice series “Bullet Journal Doodle With Me”, and in this video she has the valentine’s day special doodles. Bullet Journal DOODLE WITH ME: Valentine’s Day + February Edition If you like this video please share it with your friends. Follow us on […]

Whats The Best Bullet Journal to Use

What Is the Best Bullet Journal You Can Use?

by Journal Revo • February 13, 2018

Starting a bullet journal is a great decision that can impact your life completely. And if done right, it can help you improve your productivity and focus on your purpose. One of the most important decisions is the selection of bullet journal itself. In this article we will help you decide what is the best […]

Brilliant Brush Markers by Ooly

Brilliant Brush Markers by Ooly

by Journal Revo • February 12, 2018

Brush pens make a great addition to your writing tools, it can create nice hand lettering effect, and can enhance the appearance of your journal pages. Why Brush Pens? Brush pens give you the flexibility of writing with an artist brush, but by using markers, which makes it much easier than handling a brush and […]

Hand Lettering Using Brush Pen

Hand Lettering Tutorial | How To Use A Brush Pen

by Journal Revo • February 11, 2018

Nice tutorial on hand lettering by Will Paterson, in this tutorial Will shows the types of brush pens and the differences between them, and explains how to use a brush pen to create nice hand writings. If you practice the techniques mentioned in this video and train your muscle memory to them, you will get […]