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Brilliant Brush Markers by Ooly

Brilliant Brush Markers by Ooly

by Journal Revo • February 12, 2018

Brush pens make a great addition to your writing tools, it can create nice hand lettering effect, and can enhance the appearance of your journal pages. Why Brush Pens? Brush pens give you the flexibility of writing with an artist brush, but by using markers, which makes it much easier than handling a brush and […]

Color Luxe Gel Pens

Gel Color Set by Color Luxe

by Journal Revo • February 8, 2018

We tried those gel color fine tip pens from Color Luxe and we loved them, they come in a set of 12 brilliant colors that are smooth and fun to write with. What we liked the most about those pens is that they combine the smoothness of gel pens with the precision of fine point […]